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  • How do I clean my hat?
    Use a clean, soft bristle brush. Horsehair brushes or a hat made with soft natural fibers is highly recommended. Work counterclockwise with your brush starting at the crown and work your way out to the brim. Use your hat brush often or a small lint roller to remove dust and debris. To clean stains use a dry hat sponge with light pressure over only over the stain. Use your hat brush to then remove any of the loose felt.
  • Do you reshape and clean hats even if we didn't buy from you?
    Yes we do! We can also replace sweat bands and any other repairs that may be needed. We will do our best to get any stains out but keep in mind some materials will clean and reshape better than others.
  • What is the difference of wool and fur felt hats?
    At Hoyden we have hats made from beaver, rabbit, a rabbit beaver blend, or wool. Beaver fur felt is top of the line. It will not shrink over time and holds it shape very well in the elements due to the felt having finer, more dense fibers in the felt. A well made beaver felt hat should last you a lifetime. Rabbit fur felt is also very durable and will last a very long time. Rabbit fur felt is more commonly available, making it the more affordable option over beaver. Wool is the lowest quality of felts we have at Hoyden. It is the most affordable option. The wool felt tends to shrink slightly over time and does not hold its shape as well as rabbit or beaver felt.
  • How do I find out my hat size?
    The best way to find out your hat size is to schedule an appointment to get measured and sized. All of our fur felt hats are made size specific and labeled in centimeters. If you are not local or unable to come in, you can order our hat sizing kit to help you. If you need to get a hat in a hurry all you need is a soft fabric measuring tap or even a string and a ruler. Simply, measure the circumference of your head where you like to wear your hat. Do this with your hair any way you would wear it with your hat.
  • How do I handle my fur felt hat?
    When resting your hat always rest it on its crown to avoid warping. Store your hat in a cool dry place. Never use direct heat on your hat. Never leave your hat in a hot car. Avoid getting your hat wet.
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